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Tooth removal and replacement

We will ease your fear and make the procedure as painless as possible

you might suffer under serious dental conditions that might require potential toot removal our specialists would gladly advice you about your medical options.


Get a confident smile

Invisalign offer teeth straightening with nearly invisible braces. Get a confident smile that can change everything with Invisalign treatment today.

Veneers and Lumineers

improve a worn appearance

Dental Veneers allow covering big interdental spaces, correct misalignments and correct tooth discolouration, it is possible to reach a beautiful light tooth colour by using veneers.

Next Generation Dentistry

Laser Dentistry

the most amazing new technology to come to dentistry

If you’ve never heard of this innovative type of dental care, now is the time to learn. Laser dentistry is a minimally invasive option when you’re facing gum surgery, cavity treatment, or other oral issues. Discuss your laser surgery options with one of our dentists today.

Digital Smile Design

Design a smile in a computer

The digital smile design consists in virtually design a smile in a computer, the shape and type of teeth can be fully customized according to the facial features .

daily brushing and flossing keeps plaque and tartar from building up on the surfaces of the teeth, professional cleanings remove buildup from places that toothbrushes simply cannot reach, as well as polishes the teeth to mitigate stains and future buildup

We provides All types of complete and partial dentures

If a tooth is damaged by decay or injury, the canals inside the root of the tooth may become infected. If the infection is not treated, it can lead to severe pain, abscess and tooth loss. Fortunately, the infection can be removed from the tooth and and the tooth can be restored to normal function

Your Child’s Smile Is Important to Us

  • Treatment free from anxieties
  •  Dental Restoration therapy
  • prophylaxis
  •  tooth cleaning

Fix the patient ‘s teeth and set them in the right place to get a natural and beautiful smile

  • Treatment of primary dentition
  • Treatment in mixed dentition
  •  Treatment in permanent teeth

Dental Implants

best quality dental implants in 20 minutes, no pain no bleeding

No loss any more!

Dental implants are small threaded titanium cylinders that replace lost or missing tooth roots. Implants are frequently an excellent option to replace a tooth or multiple teeth that were lost due to a variety of reasons.

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Other Services

A crown is a cap or covering for a tooth. It is used when your tooth is discoloured, cracked or broken, heavily filled, or if fillings have been lost.

A dental bridge is a ceramic structure, spanning the gap left by a missing or extracted tooth. A ceramic tooth (pontic) is fused between two or more porcelain crowns on either side of the missing tooth that serve as anchors.

While caring for your teeth is important, many people forget the value of caring for your gums as part of an important oral hygiene regimen.
They are the foundation of a healthy mouth and if you’re not taking care of them, you’re really at risk for oral health issues. Since gums provide important support for your teeth, take good care of them and take action if you notice bleeding gums.

What We do? 
There are many ways to help improve your oral health and help eliminate bleeding gums. Since bleeding gums are mainly due to inadequate plaque removal from the teeth at or around the gum line, starting an effective oral hygiene regimen is a great way to help treat and prevent gum bleeding

Tooth sensitivity is a common dental problem that involves discomfort or pain in teeth when encountering certain substances and temperatures. At least 40 million adults suffer from sensitive teeth daily arround the world, according to the Academy of General Dentistry.

The pain is often sharp and sudden, but it is temporary. the pain may shoot into the tooth’s nerve endings. Fortunately, sensitive teeth can be treated and the condition can improve.

Whitening teeth with whitening gel and Whitening Lamp 2 is a procedure, which helps to make the darkened enamel of your teeth lighter and brighter.

For a better result, it is advisable to have your teeth cleaned professionally (dental calculus removal and soda blasting). If you are planning to restore your teeth with crowns, then it is advisable to whiten your teeth before restoration, for it is not possible to change the color of the artificial crown.

Q:What happens if tooth decay is left untreated?

A: Nerve Damage

Left untreated, it’s possible for a cavity to eventually reach your nerve, which would put you in some serious pain. Once a cavity reaches a root, it will necessitate a much large procedure, such as a root canal or an extraction.

The three types of cavities are:

Root decay
This type of decay is the most common type among older adults who are more likely to have receding gums. It occurs on the surface of the roots of the teeth.

Pit and fissure decay
This type of decay occurs on the chewing surfaces of the back teeth. It can be prevented with proper tooth brushing; however, if you’re inconsistent in your oral hygiene, this type of decay can quickly become severe.

Smooth surface decay
This type of decay occurs on the outside flat surface of the teeth when bacteria is not removed and plaque builds up. It’s the least serious kind and may be treatable with fluoride. It’s also helpful to know that this type of decay may be positively impacted by regular and proper dental flossing.

A toothache is a pain in or around a tooth that may be caused by:

  1. Tooth decay
  2. Abscessed tooth
  3. Tooth fracture
  4. A damaged filling
  5. Repetitive motions, such as chewing gum or grinding teeth
  6. Infected gums

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